True Beauty Sleep: Prevent Wrinkles

When was the last time you woke up with your face absorbed in a pillow? Sinking that beautiful face into your pillow puts unnecessary wear and tear on your face and body… Let’s be honest, we simply cannot afford the additional unnecessary damage. After waking up a few days in a row with a sore neck, I found myself on a mission… “What is the healthiest sleep position?” I conducted novice research, and this is what I found on achieving true beauty sleep.

Safari Chic Bedroom | Photo: Pinterest

#1 Sleeping on the back minimizes wrinkles because you don’t have anything pushing against your face.

#2 Sleeping on the back prevents neck and back pain because the spine is in a neutral position and not forcing a curve.

#3 Sleeping on the back reduces acid reflux because your stomach is below your esophagus and the acid can not come back up.

#4 Sleeping on the back helps maintain perky breasts because your back helps support the weight and they aren’t pulling.

#5 One puffy pillow is the best and a wedge pillow is also great to use.

Sweet Dreams- Emily Arnim

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