Design Inspiration | The Perfect Closet

White Wood Paneling, Island Dresser, Natural Light, Closet Seating | Photo: Pinterest

Loving Lisa Vanderpump's Closet with amazing Natural Light

Loving Lisa Vanderpump’s Closet with amazing Natural Light | Photo: Bravo TV

White Floors with Gold Paint and Floor Mirror with Seating Area

Obsessed with Floor Color and Leaning Mirror with Sitting Area | Photo: Pinterest

Ahhhh, the closet. Your day begins and ends in this iconic space, so obviously the closet is one of the most important spaces to create when designing your home. How many times does a frustrating experience in the closet affect your mood?!? We are currently designing our family sanctuary with Houston Architect Todd Rice, and and designing an inspiring closet is high priority… Naturally it is easy for me to begin with one of the most important spaces, but least favorite spaces in my current home. Enjoy my journey of creativity and wish me luck as I negotiate the deal with my husband and architect- ha!

White, Mirrors, Island | Photo: Pinterest

White, Mirrors, Cabinets, Hooks, Island, Chandelier, Ceiling | Photo: Pinterest

Dream Closet Design

White, Windows, Shelves, Three Way Mirror | Photo: Pinterest

White, Ladder, Cabinets, MIrror, Vanity

White, Ladder, Window Seat, Cabinets, Mirror, Vanity | Photo: Pinterest

Window, Island, Counter Color, Flowers, Cabinets, Chandelier | Photo: Pinterest

Window, Island, Counters, Flowers, Clear Cabinet Doors | Photo: Pinterest

Dream Closet Shoes Chandelier

Shoes are Focal Point and centered with Island and Chandelier | Photo: Pinterest

Need a Pop of Life and a Seating Area Please | Photo: Pinterest

Need a Pop of Life for Personality (minus the hairless cats) | Photo: Pinterest

And of course filled with Wonderfullness | Photo: PInterest

And of course filled with Wonderfullness | Photo: Pinterest

My Vision

1. White

2. Natural Light

3. Mirrors on Cabinet Doors

4. Tall Ceilings

5. Chandelier

6. Island

7. Sitting Area

8. Window Seat

9. Three Way Mirror

10. Dual Sided Laundry Basket

11. Partially Open to Bathroom + Bedroom

12. Desk

13. Hidden Discard Pile

14. Focal Point

15. Something that Pops

What advice do you have for building the perfect closet? Do you love something about your closet? Do you wish something was different? The floor is open and I want your help!

Be Inspired. xo Emily Arnim

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