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I am a girl with a voice, a mind, a heart, a soul and the love for a beautiful life inside and out. My family is my everything. I have a passion for writing and the experience of fashion, travel, food, culture, design and my great state of Texas! I love to discover our amazing world and have so much adventure in my soul.

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From my Heart on July 2011

As I write these words, they come straight from the heart. In a place of trying to find myself, my place in the world, help others, better myself and keep my head above water… I cannot imagine a better way to discover myself AND help others while on my journey of life! Am I a Mother, a Wife, an Author, a Designer, a World Traveler, a Humanitarian, a Philanthropist, a Businesswoman or any combination of those things?!? I’m sure the best possible product of myself will be growing into those areas of my life and being myself. I hope to find my perfect balance.

I hope you find this real-life blog insightful, educating, inspiring and every feeling in between. At any given moment, this is the news, discoveries, fabulous finds, favorite places, successes, failures, experiences, feelings and thoughts I vow to share with my readers. I hope my diary is a breath of fresh air, a lesson learned and something new discovered for the open mind. I will cover every part of my life; entertaining, relationships, travel, style, motherhood, home, garden, social, etiquette, charitable, shopping, business, news, self-improvement and all of my encounters in between.

If at any point in our lives we stop learning, or trying to better ourselves, it is time to take a step back and figure out what in the world is happening in our lives. Curiosity feeds the mind, so don’t ever stop learning and exploring! Please join me on my journey of life… Let’s live to our fullest potential so that we may carry that light into the lives of our families, friends and the strangers we pass in life!

Welcome to The Suburban Diary.

Truly, Emily Arnim

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