Gentleman Code: Entry #1 Table Manners

“A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety.” -Aesop Ray’s Grill in Fulshear, Texas Alright Gentlemen, Sons, Husbands, Brothers… Time to step up your game and brush up on your Gentleman… Continue reading

Cari’s Pumpkin Bread Recipe- Simple and Delish!

My dear friend Cari, who is about to pop any day now, graciously showered her friends and neighbors with homemade pumpkin bread… To die for! The kids loved it- 5 star all the… Continue reading

Fashion Houston- Loved it!

So I attended Fashion Houston a couple of weeks ago and it was FABULOUS! It was my first time to officially be seated at a fashion show- and now I know it will not be… Continue reading

Weekly Beauty Tip: Keep Your Lips Youthful and Cancer Free

One simple step and you can help keep those lips youthful and reduce your risk of cancer… Why Not?!? All Natural Hydrating Lip Balm with SPF– I’m loving Beauty Cosmedics Tinted Balm!! If… Continue reading

My Dinner Tonight: King Ranch Chicken… Easy and Delish!

Found a recipe with high ratings on the internet today and tried out Sherri’s King Ranch Chicken Casserole for the first time ever. I, of course, made a few modifications, and it was delish!! Sorry… Continue reading

Keep Your Whispers and Secrets to Yourselves (Beverly Hills Housewives)!

I made an observation last night while watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and I thought to myself, this is the perfect topic to share. I had to get it off my chest while… Continue reading

Expert Advice: GiGi’s Graces… Now Which Plate is Mine??

Well we’ve all been in a situation at a table where we have accidentally picked up the wrong glass or plate right? Sometimes it goes unnoticed, but many times there is probably someone… Continue reading

A Peek Into My Mind: Finding a Balance

There are so many things that are fun and freeing about writing my blog, but I definitely feel the pressure when I cannot take the time to blog! Although I am still fighting… Continue reading

Bad Hair Day FIX: Timeless Bun

What is your go to hairstyle for a bad hair day? Mine is the Ever-Classic Bun… A bun is simple, timeless, classic that will never go out of style! I have to admit… Continue reading

A Few Reasons I Wish I Was in Paris

A few reasons I wish I was in Paris for Fashion Week… Ahhh to dream! :) This is our preview to Spring 2012… I mean really, we can’t even enjoy fall?!? This does… Continue reading

Ombre: I Want It!

OMBRE!!! I want this hairstyle… I’ve been going about it the natural way by growing my roots out, but I believe my patience has run thin! Time for me to find someone to… Continue reading

Antiques: Make a Statement with History!

Marburger Farm is a happening place of decorators, antique enthusiasts and hunters looking for special pieces to bring character into their own homes. Marburger is definitely higher end shopping where professional decorators from around the country… Continue reading

Chic Industrial Safari Style

A surprising interior design concept snagged my attention in Round Top this week! As my husband and his best friend/ business partner move forward with their plans to build a new office I… Continue reading

Fashion’s Night Out Wrap Up!

Although I did not have front row seats for the “Invite Only” Fashion’s Night Out Fashion Show at the Galleria, I had a more than fabulous time with a perfect group of girls!… Continue reading

Easy Easy Easy Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Tuesday I tested a few simple ingredients and came up with a fast and simple stuffed chicken breast… It is so easy, I PROMISE any of you can do it!!! This is one… Continue reading

Weekly Beauty Tip #4: Cheap Miracle in a Jar

This is a very simple multi-use product that everyone must keep in their homes. Aquaphor Healing Ointment. Doctors swear by it for eczema, moisturizing and healing…. I even use it as diaper rash ointment… Continue reading

Stunning Kitchen Backsplashes: What do you think?

Have you seen a backsplash that you fell in love with? I would love to hear about it if you have! I told a friend I would give her some ideas for the… Continue reading

Art Show Etiquette- What I Need To Know

Well I have to say that I have NEVER attended an Art Show and now I have the upcoming artistic debut of my cousin, Susan McWilliams. So I guess I should know exactly… Continue reading

“Pop” Themed Baby Shower… ADORABLE!

Oh my gosh… So I went to one of the cutest baby showers EVER! The mommy-to-be is one of my favorite friends and this theme fit her personality to a “T”! Enjoy the… Continue reading

Summer Wedding Shower- Casual and DIY

What a wonderful summer shower we hosted for our sweet friends Amanda and Brian! She wanted a laid back, fun Sunday with her family and friends… We planned ahead, prepared what we could… Continue reading

{Fall DIY} Seriously the Easiest Pumpkins Ever

Okay, I am not kidding when I say that if I can DIY, so can you… I’m not a crafty chick, although I wish I was. These DIY Foam Pumpkins with upholstery tacks… Continue reading

Expert Advice: Gigi’s Graces… What Your Napkin Says About You!

What does your napkin say about you? Have you been following the rules all along? Refine and Refresh your table manners with Gigi’s Graces! Thank you Gigi for this wonderful advice… We should… Continue reading

Expert Advice: Attorney Abbie Answers

I am overjoyed to offer our Legal Expert (and my sister), Abbie Sprague’s, first question & answer! Thank you Abbie!!! So many of you are female entrepreneurs, business owners or are considering starting… Continue reading

Breakfast To Die For – Simple and Fun to Make

Ashlyn and I had a blast this afternoon making our breakfast for tomorrow morning, but we enjoyed it tonight ;)… Huge thanks to my Mom & Grandmother for thinking of me when they… Continue reading

Loved My Dinner Last Night

Dinner last night was very COMFORTING… Probably not healthy, but filled our tummies! I was able to use my Goat Cheese from Hammond Farms  that I bought at the Farmers Market last week. Also used… Continue reading

Fabulous Jewelry Cleaner… $3 Glass Cleaner

I’ve always been told by my jeweler that windex was the best thing I could use to clean my jewelry, so I would submerge my jewelry in a cup of windex and shake,… Continue reading

What Labor Day Means – Life and Wardrobe

What does Labor Day mean to you? To me it means summer is officially over, football has started and the cooler air is closer than not :) Bring on beautiful mornings after cool… Continue reading

A Perfect Match- A Memory Recalled

Town & Country is one of my all-time favorite magazines. Last year my Father, who passed away in June, brought an issue of Town & Country Magazine to me and told me I… Continue reading

Fabulous Farmers Market Finds

Have you enjoyed a Farmers Market Recently or Ever? I cannot believe that it was my very first time to the La Centerra Farmers Market (I should be ashamed)!!! I LOVED it. Over… Continue reading

Yes, You Can Dry Your Hair in 10 Minutes- T3 Rocks!

Yet another FABULOUS product I’ve invested in and LOVE! Based on recommendation from a friend, researching on the internet and, I decided to invest in a T3 hairdryer. The T3 was an… Continue reading