Watch TV – Don’t Fast-Forward – Workout in Your Living Room

What is your favorite TV Show? Can you make a commitment to watch tv tomorrow night and exercise during commercials? Of course you can! If you have your favorite DVR’d program- do not… Continue reading

PERFECT Mini Key Lime Pies in a Mason Jar- A Must Try!!

I am reposting this recipe because it is so PERFECT for Labor Day Weekend or any fun outdoor party… Make these this week and freeze for the weekend!!! Follow these instructions with your… Continue reading

{My Dinner Tonight} Enchiladas Fantasticas

My absolute favorite Enchilada Recipe EVER- impossible to mess up. Enchilada Fantasticas are so easy and delicious, I had to share! I make a can or two of black beans and that’s a meal.… Continue reading

Meme’s Story: How Did All of These Beautiful Plants Get to Texas?

THE OX BLOOD LILY Recently I read about this beautiful lily being one that the German ancestors brought when immigrating to Texas in the mid 1840’s and later. These were found at a… Continue reading

Do You Have a Green Thumb?

Believe it or not… I LOVE LOVE LOVE gardening, love my plants, roses, fruit trees and love my backyard! Of course everyone should love their backyard and nurture it! You look at it… Continue reading

Perfect Gin and Tonic: A Classic Everyone Should LOVE!

Yes! Everyone should acquire a taste for Gin and Tonic and make a Gin and Tonic, at least this is what I have been told. It is definitely a classic social drink you… Continue reading

Do This While You Run and My Favorite Running Gear

What a wonderful 40 minute run I had tonight! I tuned my Iphone to a great Pandora Station and started thinking… I accomplished so much during my run, that I came to a… Continue reading

Expert Advice- Workout At Home Starting Monday!

Having a hard time getting motivated? More expert advice from my favorite fitness expert Cari of what we can do from home to get ourselves in shape.  When you workout you feel better… Continue reading

I’m Now Straightening My Hair Faster- Babyliss Rocks!

I got a new toy yesterday from Amazon and I’m already head over heels for it!! The BabylissPro Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin 1 3/4″ is wider than a Chi and has 4 different heat… Continue reading

Yellow is the Color of the Month: Brighten Up!

All things yellow! Brighten your day, update your home… buy something yellow! Yellow can transition easily from Spring to Summer to Fall mixed with browns, blacks, charcoals, then mixed with rich reds and… Continue reading

Weekly Beauty Tip- Get Soft and Glowing Legs Now!

Here is your Weekly Beauty Tip- another one I received from my Dermatologist, to get those legs you dream of! Take these tips and add to your routine- they will help beat any… Continue reading

Avoid Interruptions that Cause Stress and Slow Productivity!

Although some of The Suburban Diary readers may not work themselves, I know that plenty of you do, and if you don’t… your husband or someone close to you does! This article is… Continue reading

Expert Advice- Eating Too Much? Change your Habits Today!

“I can eat whatever I want because I am working out everyday for two hours!” MYTH!! The truth is that it doesn’t matter how much you workout, if you are putting more in… Continue reading

Want Flat Abs? Don’t Do This…

Myth: Hundreds of crunches will create a flat abdominal area. Truth: If you have fat layering outside of your abdominal muscles, then building muscle by doing lots of crunches will just push the… Continue reading

Give Back to Nature- Feed the Hungry!

Our poor critters are out of food and water as a result of this drought, they are dying! Have you noticed all of the hawks flying around? Unfortunately, they are the last things on… Continue reading

Weekly Beauty Tip: Take Fish Oil Now

Fish Oil Moisturizes. This was wonderful tip from my dermatologist… Take 500-2,000 milligrams of fish oil every night!  Fish Oil is said to increase skin moisture up to 60 percent and add moisture to your hair. If… Continue reading

Mini Key Lime Pie in a Mason Jar- Genius!

Desserts in a mason jar- Genius Idea!  How better to travel with portion sized desserts?!? Some desserts can be frozen and be the perfect temp by the time you arrive to the beach… Continue reading

Fashion Wish List- Collect and Invest!

As I dread this summer heat, I am SO ready for fall and even more ready to start stockpiling my Fall Must-Haves! I usually keep a running wish list and start shopping, comparing… Continue reading

Weekly Beauty Tip- Water Too Hot?

Change your habits- one at a time! Love the hot water? Is your skin dry? I’m always in a battle with my dry skin! These are bathing tips I received from my dermatologist!… Continue reading

Master your Body- Homemade Lemonade Master Cleanse!

Well my cousin, Susan McWilliams, and I are starting our Homemade Lemonade Master Cleanse today, with our own modifications to make it more realistic!  I know my body needs a cleanse and I’m not… Continue reading

Fresh Fruit Pizza- Mmmmm and Easy as Pie!

I LOVE trying easy and refreshing summer recipes!  I LOVE this one from Paula Deen! Blane and I especially had fun topping our Fresh Fruit Pizza made with Sugar Cookie Dough!  Now we… Continue reading

Need a Good Cause for Date Night?

August is Houston Restaurant Week 2011 benefitting the Houston Food Bank. You can dine at Houston’s finest restaurants for $35 for a 3-4 course dinner and $20 for a 2-3 course lunch. Be… Continue reading

Design Envy and Ispiration- Let me Share!

Wow!  Greg and I were so graciously hosted by our friends The Halls this weekend at their family’s place in the Estates of Applehead Island.  What an amazing place it was, as you… Continue reading

Fabulous Homemade Hair Masks- In Minutes!

Do you want shiny healthy hair?  Is your hair over-worked, stressed, over-treated? Mine is!! We spend so much money on hair products and the answer could be right in our own kitchen!  I’m… Continue reading

Childhood Pastimes- Keep it Simple

How fun this blog is going to be!! As my mind ponders the many thoughts I have to share… Where to begin?  If you have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews then- Great!  Let… Continue reading

Simple Decorating Inspiration- Add Beautiful Layers

3 Simple Decorating Inspirations to add Beautiful Layers to your Home 1. Fresh Flowers:  I go through stages of buying fresh flowers, and I can tell you every time I have them in… Continue reading

Dining Etiquette: 3 Tips for You

I recently hosted an etiquette dinner party for some of my girlfriends and it was a complete success!  Gigi Lewis, founding director of Club Etiquette in Houston, gave us so many wonderful tips… Continue reading

Sharing News and Knowledge – Be an Asset

Having the world-wide web at our fingertips is such an unbelievable and unmeasurable resource! I feel that sharing news and information we discover is one of the most valuable tools we have at… Continue reading

My journey of life in a diary begins…

As I write these words, they come straight from the heart.  In a place of trying to find myself, my place in the world, help others, better myself and keep my head above… Continue reading